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Your mission

At bunq, your job goes beyond a nine-to-six routine. It's about transforming banking and making money management enjoyable.

Join us. Innovate. Bring fresh ideas to an industry ready for change.

All for Eva

Meet Eva. At bunq, we're all about making her life easy. We're constantly in tune with what Eva needs, ensuring she can breeze through her banking without a hitch. When brainstorming new features, we ask: "Will this help Eva?" If yes, we get to work.

How Will You Serve Eva?

YOU Set Your Own Goals

Want to unlock your true potential? At bunq, you call the shots on your personal goals.Ā  Enjoy the freedom to chase what excites you, push your limits, and discover how far you can go.

YOU Set Milestones & Deadlines

Tired of rigid timelines? Here, you set your own milestones and deadlines. Youā€™ll have the autonomy to manage your projects, ensuring that your work pace matches your creativity and drive.

YOU Face & Solve Challenges

Got a knack for tough problems? Perfect. Tackle challenges that push you to excel and reveal your true potential. Whether coding or crafting solutions for Eva, you'll grow daily and make a real impact on people's lives.

YOU Lead Projects & Initiatives

Ready to take charge? You'll lead projects from start to finish, driving initiatives that enhance banking. Perhaps you'll make a mark in the next bunq Update! Your leadership and vision will shape our future services and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

How We'll Support Your Mission

We're here to break barriers and boost your career at every turn. Thatā€™s why youā€™ll get unlimited access to a top learning platform and a generous personal development budget to expand your skills.Ā  Expect a salary benchmarked against the top of the market, along with bonuses that reflect your efforts. Every project you tackle is supported by top-notch tools, keeping you connected and at your best.

We Empower Go-Getters, Like Deliya

"bunq cares. As corny as it may sound, bunq cares about the product we create, about our users and about helping our employees grow. 3 and a half years ago, I started my journey as a Superguide. Itā€™s very motivating working with people that arenā€™t in it only for the money."


Employee Success Manager

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