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We are bunq ­čîł

Welcome to bunq! A mobile bank that empowers our user, Eva, to be Free.

Above all else, we love simplicity. As a true friend, we create simple financial tools that get our users closer to the freedom they strive for.

What Sets bunq Apart?

We believe in the power of individuals. Everyone deserves the freedom to live life on their terms. To achieve this, we shift power from faceless financial institutions to you. WeÔÇÖre determined to tear down barriers and simplify complexity ÔÇô so you donÔÇÖt have to. We aim to build the best product with the best people. Results matter more than resumes. We value skills and drive over experience, background, gender, or orientation.

Here's what makes us special

Climate change is real, and we're on a mission to tackle it head-on. We've planted over 19 million trees since 2019, offsetting nearly 5 million tonnes of CO2!

We kicked off the interest rate race in the Netherlands, consistently adjusting our rates with the European Central BankÔÇöbecause if your moneyÔÇÖs going to work, it better work hard.


Our track record? Nothing short of revolutionary. We hold numerous patents and are proud pioneers of several industry firsts. Our tech? ItÔÇÖs like rocket fuel for your bank account.

We broke new ground as the first bank to secure a greenfield banking license in over 35 years, setting a new standard in the industry.

Thanks to our Freedom of Choice, bunq is the only bank in the world that empowers you to decide how your deposits are invested, offering true control over your financial contributions.

Our Milestones

Here are some of our most special moments:

March 2012: Where it all began

n the aftermath of the financial crisis, Ali Niknam and a group of ambitious innovators with a pioneering spirit founded bunq. We broke new ground as the first bank in 35 years to receive a European banking license, sparking a revolution in the banking industry.

November 2015: We went live!

After years of coffee-fueled nights and code-filled days, we launched our mobile app to the general public. A mix of awe, applause, and a ton of excitement. Our team's effort paid off, setting the stage for the future.

October 2019: EU expansion

We started in a handful of countries, but why stop there? Believing in banking without borders, we expanded to the entire European Union. As our dream grew, so did our team!

July 2021: Welcome, unicorn status!

We hit a major milestone by raising a whopping ÔéČ193 million in our Series AÔÇöhello, unicorn status! A big high five to our first investing partner, Pollen Street Capital. Thanks to our team's relentless innovation, we've now joined the billion-dollar club.

December 2022: Profit? Nailed it.

We're not just thriving; we're profitable too. bunq has become the first EU neobank to turn a profit, proving that our unique approach to banking is not only cool but also sustainable

July 2023: Dreaming big, going global

Next stop? The USA! WeÔÇÖre taking our innovative spirit overseas with a bid to enter the U.S. market. What started as a dream among a few passionate folks is now a plan in action!

December 2023: First year of profitability

As the year winds down, we've got a major reason to pop the champagneÔÇöbunq has celebrated its first full year of profitability! ItÔÇÖs proof that sticking to our innovative roots and focusing on customer-centric solutions isnÔÇÖt just good karma, itÔÇÖs good business.

Why Don't You Give Our Product a Try?

At bunq, weÔÇÖre all about actions.┬áThat's why we invite you to experience firsthand how we're transforming the banking landscape. Get your very own bank account set up in 5 minutes!

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