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Get Shit Done day

´╗┐´╗┐As the last step of our hiring process, this is your chance to showcase your skills and experience what itÔÇÖs like to be a bunqer.

How does it work?

A trial day done right.

You'll get the opportunity to show your skills to your future colleagues whilst getting a taste of the bunq culture.

To test your knowledge and mindset, we present you with a few day-to-day issues and tasks that need handling. To set you up for success, you'll get access to the relevant data and tools - plus - you can ask for help from other bunqers! Present us with your outcome(s) and show us that you've got what it takes to be a bunqer.

This is also a chance to engage in our culture and see what it's like to work at bunq. Lunch is on us, and we'd love for you to stay for dinner too!

What To Expect?

At bunq, we hire based on skills and growth potential, not experience. We Get Shit Done at bunq through our core values: Ownership, Effective Communication, and Data. Here are some examples of how you can channel our core values to help you out on your Get Shit Done Day:


Ownership means solving a problem for our user, Eva, from A to Z. As an owner of one of Eva's issues, you are personally responsible for the outcome(s) of your action(s). Show us you can take full control of a project and produce meaningful results.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is all about being clear, concise, and impactful. It's similar to pilot lingo ÔÇô no room for guesswork when landing a plane. We make sure to share deadlines and confirm when we get a message.


Data is our cornerstone for all decisions. We never just assume or guess, we analyze and evaluate. This approach doesn't stifle creativity, but helps realize it. Basing decisions on data allows for an objective assessment of all our creative ideas.

How to prepare?

Download the bunq app (it's free ­čÖî­čĆ╝)

The best way to get to know bunq users is to experience what they do. You'll get key information about the bunq experience, whether you're going through the onboarding flow or making the fastest international payments on the planet.

Check out our social media channels and blog

Keep yourself up to date with the latest bunq news by following our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, or see the latest partnerships and bunq company news via our blog.

Get excited ­čÜÇ

You'll be one of the very few who is allowed into our NDA zone to see where the magic happens and meet the brains and brawn behind our operation.

Discover bunq

Curious about us? Learn why bunq is the top choice for professionals seeking a dynamic and innovative workplace in the banking sector.

Our culture

Learn more about your life at bunq. Discover how we support and inspire our team members to achieve their best.

Your mission

Start getting shit done from day one at bunq. Discover how your role will contribute to transforming the future of banking.